• New York City Life

    Planning a trip to NYC?

    New York City is truly the city of lights! Well, it has been already two years of living in this big city and I will share to you my experiences in the big apple.

    First, Rush hour is a chaos. Yes, you should avoid subway in rush hours because it gets nuts. 1pm or 5pm and whether is a 45 minutes ride or less the subway become so crowded with people complaining, weird smells and tons tons of people. Well, if you are an adventurous and just need to go to places this experience will not bother you.

    Second, This city is not 24 hours. I was expecting that when I first came here, however, there still some places that will still be open and it always depend on where you life. If you life in the city (Lucky you) you can always find a 24 hours deli or a pizzeria.

    Third, God bless the $2.00 pizza.


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