Katherine Gutierrez Rios

Majoring in Financial Economics at Columbia University and passionate
about ecofriendly practices, digital content creation and ventures as well as
ensuring more latinas are represented in the corporate sector

Additionally, I am a Writer

All About K

My dream is to become a successful enough to be able to make changes in the latino community. My name is Katherine Gutierrez and I'm majoring in Financial Economics at Columbia University. Born in Colombia, I moved to the US at the age of 17 and since then I have been involved in many different programs as well as becoming an untiring advocate for student rights and woman rights.
My long term aspirations is to to open my own non-profit which hopefully will help and benefit the community especially new immigrants who have little knowledge about the services that the city and state of New York provides. As well as creating a gallery to display young latino artwork.

  • KMGutierrezR@gmail.com
  • www.KMGutierrezR.com

My Professional Skills

I'm an artist, a photographer, and a friend. My passion is to change people's lives.

Photographer 70%
Artist 90%
Leadership 80%
B/Vlogger 50%


outdoors, indoors, kids and weedings


Paint, Digital art, and Illustrations


reviews, poetry and more


America and Latin America


K-drama Fan


swimmin in the deep sea of the internet

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  • Kids Photography

    Cinque Terre
    The following kids images have the permission of the their respective parents

    Copyright of Katherine Gutierrez
  • The City of Lights

    These photos have been taken in different places around New York City by Katherine Gutierrez. It shows different building, lights and cars that NYC represents and shine to the tourist.

  • Nature in NYC

    These photos have been taken in different places around New York City by Katherine Gutierrez. It shows the beauty of the mother nature and how wonderful, refreshing and different shoot to shoot becomes. Wonderful natural resources that this wonderful planet provides.

    Copyright by Katherine Gutierrez
  • My Journey

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